Saturday, August 03, 2013

A Tale of Two Cities

1) Querétaro, Mexico:

Querétaro Becomes a Symbol of Mexico’s High-Octane Economic Expansion

Querétaro has seen a 120% increase in infrastructure project volume during the first part of 2013. In fact, The capital city Santiago de Querétaro topped all other global cities by percent change in FDI – with a spectacular 233.3-percent increase annually.

Querétaro has become one of Mexico’s strongest state economies. A combination of strong market access, an educated workforce and low costs increased investment rapidly, attracting aerospace, BPO, IT and telecom investors.

Living standards in Querétaro are higher than average for Mexico and internal migration has accelerated due to the state’s industrial progression, low crime rates and stable social-political situation.

2) Querétaro, Mexico:

Six of Every 10 Rural Residents Are Leaving Querétaro

Sixty percent of Querétaro's campesinos are leaving the state to migrate to the US, while 80 percent live in poverty... The poorest campesinos live in the northern part of the state, and in the semi-desert, and in some areas of the Sierras "there are uninhabited ghost towns."
But hey, it's all good - the US president mentioned the state in a speech once.  Happy days are here again...

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I see the problem ---- Bakersfield Ca., is a sister city,