Saturday, August 24, 2013

Believe It If You Need It, Or Leave It If You Dare

At a cost of $43 million dollars, Mexico Tourism is kicking off yet another exercise in rebranding, with what might be the worst slogan since "Oklahoma is OK!":


First of all, amigos - it doesn't even rhyme. Okay, sure, maybe you weren't trying to rhyme - not all slogans need to rhyme - but when you're using words that kinda sorta almost rhyme, then it just looks like you fucked up the rhyme.  You know what does rhyme with "believe"?  "Leave." Indeed, that's how a Spanish-speaker might pronounce the word "live." (Perhaps that's what happened?) Mexico: Leave It to Believe It.  Catchy!

Llanes said the tourist board is targeting consumers ages 35 to 65 with household income of $100,000-plus, but wants to also speak to those 25 to 45 with a household income of $75,000. 
But what, you ask, speaks "Mexico" to consumers 25 to 65 with household income over a $100,00, or perhaps just $75,000?  Brit chicks, of course!

The ads feature British-accented female narrators and are designed to trigger an emotional response “using a visual language, made of memories,” Llanos said. “We want to make it unexpected, personal, surprising and emotional, with focus on experience.”

"I never expected to find an 18th Century castle in the middle of a huge city!" says the British narrator. Mexico: Unexpected, surprising and emotional!


Kevin Knox said...

Yes, truly lame and I'm sure you're right: the Mexicans who came up with the slogan were saying "leeeve it to beleeeve it."

Anonymous said...

Looks like Sr. 10% probably pocketed more like 40% on this one.