Sunday, August 25, 2013

Killer Queen

Hey, Mexico - looks like Uncle Sam's giving you a run for your money in the "sociopathic beauty queens" category:
Police say Kendra McKenzie Gill, the recently crowned Miss Riverton, Utah, has been arrested on suspicion of throwing homemade bombs out of a car.

Police say the four admitted buying plastic bottles, aluminum foil and household chemicals before putting together the explosives and throwing them in neighborhoods. Nine incidents were reported, although police say nobody was injured.

For the most part, America's crazy beauty queens can't hold a candle to their hermanas mexicanas - drunk driving; domestic violence; white-collar crime - bo-ring!  Hardly the same as bing gunned down after an "hours-long running gun battle with the military." The the Miss World Crazy Queen pageant, the US is Miss Congeniality.

About as good as it gets is Kentucky's Daniela Gaskie, arrested in 2010 for stabbing a gas station attendant in the neck with a ballpoint pen. Gaskie, of course, was the first recipient of the Miss Kentucky Latina crown.


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