Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Earlier today, we were hard at work procrastinating from being hard at work, and found ourselves rummaging through the online archives at the University of Cincinnati collections. As we often do, we entered Queretaro in the search terms just for the hell of it. It kicked up the usual handful of maps and pictures of the aqueduct and, um... this:

This is an illustration from Gazetas de Mexico: Compendium of Events from New Spain, 1788-1789, Vol. III, which for some odd reason we don't already have in our personal library. According to the Library, "This engraving is found in the issue for February 1789, volume 3, number 26, and accompanies an article about a deformed child born in Querétaro, Mexico, on February 2, 1789." - "Deformed" being the mildest possible way of describing a kid with a smaller kid growing backwards out of his groin.

So before it became known as the cradle of the Mexican independence movement, Querétaro was apparently the four-legged conjoined-twins capital of New Spain. And now you know.


Chuncherie du Marfa said...

Hard at work procrastinating on being hard at work I came upon your blog. Thanks for the weirdly evil chuckle.

Amiga del Lorax said...

Just to say I would do a triple salaam here in cyber espacio if you would replace that tired old burro with a pug on the banner of this blog. I know it is not "Pug Hall" but I don't care. I know you have a pug. Maybe the pug can ride the burro? But another burro. A nice looking burro. A happy burro. A smiley burro. A burro that does not upset and depress me because I am muy sensible. I realize that means I shouldn't read your blog in the first place. But this is not about logic. Pugs.