Monday, October 07, 2013

Livin' la Vida Más Habitable

Putting aside what we imagine was a very clumsy, ankle-spraining landing, why is Miss Querétaro jumping for joy?

Presumably, it has something to do with the Mexican government's survey of the Most Livable Cities In the Whole Freakin' Country, 2013, in which a certain begins-with-Q hamlet finished literally off the chart:

And if you find that graphic too complicated (math is hard), here's a word-cloud of the responses to the question, "If you could live anywhere in Mexico, where would you live?":

And yes, we're aware that being the most livable city in Mexico is like being the best baseball team in New York this year - an honor, yes, but with several asterisks next to it. But we'll match it against Pittsburgh or Little Rock any day.

Anyway, she's probably also jumping for joy because she's made the cut and is one of the top 15 finalists for Miss Mexico, the stepping stone to having sex with Donald Trump being held Oct 19. You can see all 33 candidates' bikini photos here.  We're calling out Señoritas Campeche, Durango, Michoacán, Oaxaca and Veracruz for smuggling silicone breasts into an otherwise pure and completely uncorrupt competition.


Crazy Rita said...

What a shocker! Reynosa wasn't the lowest but not exactly in a good position either, considering all the maquiladoras. I guess that's to be expected if you have to worry about a gun battle every time you step out on the street.

JustaCanuck said...

Yikes! With the slight exception of Miss Jalisco and Miss Colima, all these girls have the EXACT SAME make-up and hairstyle and for that matter, they could all be each others' long-lost sisters. That's really freaky - a la Korean beauty pageant type of freaky:

Dave said...

Seems like Culiacan rates surprisingly high...but then again it's who responds, I guess.

By the way, you'd think she'd do a better job color coordinating her wardrobe...those reds/pinks just don't work.