Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dear General Zapata: This Happens.

In case any of our enterprising readers are working on a time machine and are planning to go back to Mexican Revolution to ride with Zapata or Pancho Villa - could you please remember to bring a laptop and play them this video of the British Polo Day events held recently in Querétaro and San Miguel? It's not that we're trying to break their spirits as much as just prevent unnecessary loss of life, because holy living fuck. One glimpse of his Patria y Tierra 100 years in the future, and Zapata would walk home to Morelos and hang himself.

We know we've been saying for years that we'd like to see Mexico's international image be something other than a narco killing field. We're currently taking that editorial position under advisement.

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DonAlbertoDoyle said...

Something's wrong. There were no Jack Russell terriers, and nary a 16-year-old Argentine 10-goal ringer hired by the richer of the two patrones. Sorry pal, that's just not upscale polo, no many how many people sniff their glasses before drinking.