Saturday, January 25, 2014

Holy Hackiness

We were raised Catholic and used to work full time in journalism, so - while we don't practice very much of either anymore - if someone were to label us a "Catholic journalist" they would not technically be incorrect. So we're embarrassed not to have known that yesterday was el Día del Periodista Católico, at least here in Querétaro. Near as we can tell from the Google, Día del Periodista Católico isn't really a thing, but that didn't stop the Archbishop of Querétaro from holding a surprisingly well-attended mass, in which he exhorted Catholic journalists (which in this town would be just about all of them) to make sure their reporting is as Jesusy as it can be.

Archbishop Faustino Armendáriz Jimenez asked journalists in general "to be communicators of truth," and to speak the truth, he said, "must be taken as referring to Jesus."

He said that if journalists seek interviews with the most important people, he, as Archbishop, "would like to invite you to have the courage to take an interest in someone who is much more important: Jesus."

[He added] "it is essential that those engaged in the work of the communications have a personal relationship with Jesus."

Perhaps we've been in New York for too long, because assumed the journalists in attendance would have drowned out the Archbishop's sermon with laughter, and possibly overripe produce. Instead they appear to have taken turns posing for pictures with him and then all enjoyed a free breakfast.


mexfiles said...

"A personal relationship with Jesus" doesn't sound Catholic, it sounds Baptist. Anyway, it was the feast of St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of journalism (and poker games... things you learn having attended St. Francis de Sales High School).

Crazy Rita said...

I didn't know that Jesus could be turned into an adverb. The things I learn from your blog are amazing.