Friday, January 24, 2014

Road Warriors

Here's a public service announcement the Querétaro government has been putting up around town to remind us that, in the great spirit of anarchy that governs Mexican roadways, cars, bikes, people in wheelchairs, pedestrians - "we're all one!" "The street is for everyone!"And it's true - you can find any of these occupying the middle of the highway at any time, along with ambulantes, fruit peddlers,  jugglers, horses, household appliances, etc., etc.  So don't be driving down the road in your fancy car thinking "highway for cars, sidewalks for pedestrians, bike lane for bikes," 'cuz that's not how we roll in the QRO. 

Speaking of public service, we've recently moved our offices back from the US after our audio/video division finished its latest gig converting tax dollars into tv programming to be enjoyed by literally dozens. Blogging frequency will increase from "whenever we have time" to "whenever we feel like it." Thank you for your patience.


Charles Pergiel said...

I await your increased blogging frequency with a cold beer in hand.

Anonymous said...

Bienvenidos en QRO. Where the locals fight all day, and drink all night. Or so they say. Enjoy life.

Julie said...

Welcome back. Given your return to MX, I'm a little disappointed not to have seen instant coverage of THIS photo.