Wednesday, February 05, 2014


The annual celebration of the Mexican Constitution (written here in QRO on Feb 5, 1917) is today, which means the president is in town.  Because Querétaro is one of the safest cities in Mexico, and because Peña Nieto is beloved by the Mexican people, the entire Centro Historico is closed down like Pyongyang after curfew.  We were surprised to find the doors and windows to our offices had not been welded shut by the army, so we were able to send a photographer to grab a shot of the Presidente:

God, his hair is every bit as magnificent in person as it is on TV, isn't it?  We wondered what might have made el president so nervous about coming to town, and then it occurred to us that, as part of his tour, he'll probably visit the new mural honoring Benito Juárez hanging in the palacio de gobierno, which includes this panel:

Now, in fairness, we haven't executed the Mexican head of state in this town in over 165 years, but we can still see how he might be edgy about it.  (We absolutely love this mural, by the way. [For scale, this panel is about five feet wide.]  Part of the city's long tradition of gloating over Maximiliano on Juárez's behalf.  The quote above, which we assume comes from Juárez, says, "I'm not killing the man, I'm killing the idea." Though, it's pretty obvious that he's also killing the man.  And a couple of other men.)

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