Saturday, February 22, 2014

Vanity Fare

We're sure a lot of smarter people than us will be reporting the details of El Chapo's arrest in the coming days, but here's something that probably didn't help him. Check out this photo from the perp walk earlier today:

Lookin' good for a 60-year-old fugitive who's been on the run for a dozen years!  Clearly, like  many drug lords on the lam, Chapo's had a little plastic surgery.  But here's the thing - most narcos who go under the knife do it in order to change their appearance! Chapo, however, appears to have told the. "Make me look 20 years younger. Dye my hair the way it used to look. Make me look exactly like the old photo they use on my Wanted posters."

Kudos to the plastic surgeon for pulling it off under what must have been extraordinarily stressful conditions.


Brick said...

Thank goodness the war on drugs is over and the cartels will disappear.

The pedandic mexfiles said...

He's not 60... he's a mere pup of 56.

Burro Hall said...

Depending which birthdate you believe - 1954 or 1957.