Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Mexico: Land of Miracles

We've relocated to the Yucatán for a few days to deal with some labor issues in the Merida Office - collectively bargain this, pendejos - and were pleased to see the local delegation welcoming us in true Burro Hall style: with a world record-breaking platter of octopus in its own ink.

This being a Mexican newspaper, the coverage has holes big enough for a giant squid to swim through - for instance, we have no idea who, if anyone, held the previous record for World's Largest Plate of Octopus In Its Own Ink - but on Sunday the good people of the Yucatán, include its governor, whipped up a ton and a half of it. We still don't get how these records work. If we got 200 people together and had each of them cook 20 pounds of octopus in its own ink, and collected it all in a big pile, would we break the record? Anyway, the head of the octopus fishing union here says that, with this record "the eyes of the world are on the Yucatán," which is both funny and sad at the same time, which is why it's the perfect Burro hall welcome.

(For what its worth, we do understand that these stupid records are a way of promoting the region's industry; Yucatán also holds the record for the World's Largest Plate of Conchnita Pibil. What puzzles us is how these records are in any way legit, and why Guinness bothers to send actual observers to certify these things.)

The Saga o' the Plate o' Cephalopod story was on pages 1,2 and 3 of the local paper. On page 71, we learn that "Alfonso Cuarón Wins Academy Award." Just a glimpse into local priorites.

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DonAlbertoDoyle said...

Hey, here's a small miracle, Max was returned. I've no idea if Burro Hall's publicity had anything to do with it (and let's not flatter yourselves, readership has been down since your Guadalajara and Tijuana offices folded), but it's a lost-dog-in-Mexico story that ended well, so thanks for the assistance in any case!