Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tulum Scrapbook

During our recent corporate retreat, we took some time to visit the ancient Mayan walled city of Tulum! A treasury of precious memories:

After drinking in so much touristical beauty, there was really no need to bother with Chichen Itza.


rue said...

A Few months back we skipped tulum and drove on to Coba. Arriving before 11:30 meant a super quiet visit. I wondered if we should stop at Tulum on the way back, thank you reassuring me we made the right desicion.

Joy said...

Hopefully a few express kidnappers will infiltrate Quintana Roo, and the American media will go apeshit, so I can go back and enjoy the circa-2004 serenity, which really was otherworldly.

Brick said...

Some people just have a knack for blending in with their surroundings. Others. Not so much.
My favourite look is the brand new sparkling white leather running shoes older tourists wear. They may as well wear the boxes the shoes came in.