Tuesday, April 01, 2014


We've expended a lot of pixels over the years defending Mexico against the charge that it's the Most Dangerous Place In The World for spring breakers and exchange students - and that's still the case. Still, we kind of laughed out loud when we picked up the papers and saw that Kike Plancarte, leader of the super-crazy Knights Templar drug gang, had been gunned down by the military in the streets of Colón, Querétaro.  Though the lesson here for any American student would be, "try not to take the helm of a super-crazy drug cartel while studying in Mexico, because you may be gunned down by Marines," we'd still hate to be the guy at the Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, who has to explain why the school just broke ground on a multi-million dollar campus in a town where super-crazy drug cartel leaders are being gunned down by the Mexican military.

Recently, we made fun of an ASU student for saying that the school - located in sleepy Colón, not dynamic (okay, less-sleepy) Querétaro - "will be smack dab in the middle of an amazing and exciting city."  Clearly, the experience of spending ones college years in Colón has the potential to be a lot more exciting than we were willing to believe.

Burro Hall regrets the error.  

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