Tuesday, June 17, 2014

And You May Ask Yourselves, Well, How Did We Get Here?

Due to some horrible clerical error, we find ourselves in a soccer-loving country during the quadrennial worldwide soccer-loving thing that happens from time to time.  Mexico is playing Brazil in a few minutes which means that, for once, you can hear a pin drop in this town.  Yesterday was pretty quiet too, though the silence was occasionally broken by rabid cheering every time Ghana almost scored against the US.

We wish our Mexican neighbors luck today.  And since we're constantly being reminded that, unlike those dumb gringos, Mexicans never, ever, ever forget their own history, we're sure there's no need to post this, but we will anyway:

Suerte, amigos. 


DonAlbertoDoyle said...

That was one fucking hell of a game against Brazil, if I can say fucking hell here. Not only did it position the Mexican goalie as a potential tournament MVP, but it mirrored The Cartridge Family episode of The Simpsons in an almost eerie fashion. "It's all here: fast-kickin’, low- scorin’. And ties? You bet!"

viajero said...

Pinches ingratos.