Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our Lady of Perpetual Pulchritude

This is our favorite story of the day, not least of all because it lets us dress up this blog with some serious pay de queso. This is a screen grab of the Facebook page of one Jorge Manuel Guevara Corona, a man who knows what he likes.  "Mmmmmm mamacita" he drools!

Awesomely, Padre Jorge is the parish priest at Immaculate Conception Church in Pastor Ortiz, Michoacán.

Or he was, until a couple of days ago.

Más mamacita aqui.


Dorita Loca said...

Wow! A Catholic priest who is turned on by women instead of little boys? He must be joking.

Mexfiles said...

It wasn't so much the mamacitas that got him in holy hot water as showing off his new Audi and bragging about his cushy job.