Monday, July 21, 2014

A Walk-On Part In the Propaganda War

We were out a couple of mornings ago taking our once-athletic asses out for their twice weekly jog, when we came across hizzoner, Gov. Calzada, striding boldly up the andador, crisply attired in a dark suit and open collar, and with a retinue of aides circling around him filming him - heroically from a low angle.

This is of course not an uncommon sight in this town. Rather, what caught our eye were the two other aides operating the octocopter-mounted GoPro.

Turns out to be a propaganda video in advance of hizzoner's upcoming informe - his State of the State Address.  With just one year to go til he's out of a job, and clearly harboring national ambitions, this address will take on Kim Jong-Il-style grandeur and pomp.  So we're proud to say that this 30-propaganda video, introducing the world to the Querétaro of the Future (summed up in one word: leadership!) features a cameo by our executive editor...


(Amusingly, while he was standing around waiting for the drone to fly, hizzoner spotted us lurking off to the side and, sensing - like the governor of Sinaloa before him - that we were men of power and influence, walked over and extended his hand.  We pretended to be tourists who didn't know who he was, and he asked us about our jogging routine before moving back to his mark.  We can report that he's a nice enough guy, but about as relaxed as Richard Nixon.  He'll make a great president.)


Michael Taylor said...

My life has now meaning now. I must have an Octocopter.

Burro Hall said...