Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Hundred Hillbilly Hangout

[Updated below.] You may have heard that that batshit crazy nativist movement, faced with the specter of tens of thousands of terrified Central American refugee children having taken the Statue of Liberty at her word, has declared a Two-Day Hate for this weekend.

And of course, because the illegal immigrant invasion-loving liberal media won't tell you the truth, the organizers are asking patriot-Americans to send in pictures and video of their massive, coast-to-coast, America-saving protests, so that the overwhelming support for returning refugee children home to be murdered will be appropriately documented, messages will be sent to the feckless America-haters in Washington, and freedom will reign (for people lucky enough to have been born within America's borders).

So howzit goin'?

Viera, FL - 5 people

Corinth, TX - 12 people

Richmond, VA - 13 people

Birmingham, AL - 7 people

West Palm Beach, FL - 7 people, plus news truck

Anaheim, CA - 16 people

Kansas City - 1 person

Phoenix, AZ - 7 people

Grand Island, NE - 10 people

Lansing, MI - approx. 18 people

Columbus, OH - 3 people

Oklahoma City - 8 people

Chardon, OH - 35 people, 1 small dog

Temple. TX - 5 people

Oak Creek, WI - "at least 9"

Dallas - 16 people

So there you have it. It's still early, and the numbers may go up a bit, but over the past two days at least 170 true patriots (and one small dog) in this nation of 320 million had the courage to stand up to starving children and tell them to fuck off.


    Update: Lest anyone think we're cherry-picking, the organizers have posted these pix and plenty more here.  They're well worth your time. Based on their more-thorough reporting, we're revising our numbers upward: we're confident that at least 350 people - that's more than 0.0001% of the US population! - took part in the Two-Day Hate.

    It's also amazing to us [Ed note: Ha! No, it's not.] how much of the invective is directed at Mexico, even though the vast majority of these refugee kids are coming from countries like Honduras and El Salvador - which happen not to be Mexico.  Protesting outside the Mexican consulate is a little like invading Iraq after 9/11.  Which we imagine these clowns supported as well.


Crazy Rita said...

Best news coverage I have seen yet about this 2 day protest.

alcuban said...

I had an identical reaction that I was going to post in my own blog but you've said perfectly. What a fucking waste of time and media attention.

Babs said...

Incredible and I'm embarrassed that these people are SO clueless. I could go on and on, but, I'll leave it at that.

Michael Taylor said...

And afterwards they all regrouped at Cracker Barrel to stuff their faces. What would Jesus do?

Retired Teacher said...

I'm ashamed that the largest group pictured (a "multitude" of 35 people and a dog) is from my home state of Ohio!

Dave said...

Glad to see Wisconsin so well represented.

As we have still have an above-average educational system, you will not that NOT ONE of our signs are held upside down. So there.

Mi blog es tu blog said...

Go, Kansas City,

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the elderly getting an outing from the old folks home... too bad they make them take a lame ass picture before they send them back.

Brandon said...

Americans FIRST! We have our own problems.

Burro Hall said...

You certainly do, Brandon. you certainly do.