Sunday, September 14, 2014

Oh, Hi

So this is a conversation we had on another site on the interwebs this morning:

And the we realized we hadn't posted anything on this blog since... shit, we'd have to ask the interns. But a while.  The truth is, it's become something of an albatross - not in a bad way, really.  More like, well, we're not actually sure what an albatross is, and if you gave us one we wouldn't quite know what to do with it.  That's sort of where we are with Burro Hall at the moment.  We started it back when we were coming down to Mexico for a year or two to open the Latin America bureau, and it seemed like an easy and efficient way of keeping in touch with friends and family back in El Norte.

Eight years, five presidents (Bush, Fox, Calderón, Obama, Peña Nieto) and 3,267 posts later, we're still here.  But the world is different.  We spend at least half our year in El Norte, working for The Man, and the other half at Burro Hall HQ, also working for The Man.  (In other words, unlike 2006, we actually have a full-time job now.) And then some meddling kids went and invented social media, which, despite our initial resistance, we've grown quite fond of, and active on.  How many sources of Burro Hall wit and wisdom can the media-consuming public be expected to follow? (Smartphones, which didn't exist back when we broke ground on the Burro Hall offices, still don't have a very good version of Blogger.)

And then there's the fact that, in Mexico, things don't change all that much.  They do, of course, but those sort of grand cultural, societal and political shifts have never been our primary area of coverage.  (See the links at right for dozens of sites for which they are.) That leaves just the weird goofball  gringo-in-Mexcio shit, which turns out to be constant, but also repetitive.  Like, at this very moment, there are about 1000 concheros in loincloths and feathered headdresses dancing and drumming outside our office windows, and we're not even looking up. Sure, we could take a bunch of photos and give you a report, but it's the same fiesta we covered in 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2012.   Coming up next: our eighth grito de independcia! (Which we also won't write up, because, seriously, we're gonna do better than this?)

And so that's how it happens that, despite being in Mexico much of the time and online about 18 hours a day, we managed to forget to feed the blog for seven weeks.  Now here it is, all brown and crunchy, like an unwatered fern.  We're not trying to kill it, of course.  It's just that life has changed enough in the last eight years that we don't need the fern quite as much as we used to.  (This is a terrible analogy, we know; we're a bit rusty.)  But we still greatly appreciate your patience and loyalty, and will endeavor to reward it more diligently.

Oh, so the thing that prompted that Facebook question in the first place was this photo of a local  department store offering what we think is the most Mexican Halloween Costume Ever:  The Sexy Murder Scene...

C'mon! That was worth the wait, wasn't it??


Crazy Rita said...

Just about everyone's blog that I used to read regularly has taken a backseat. Life has changed since 2009 when I first started mine. I think my biggest reason for nearly abandoning my blog is that Facebook takes care of my instant needs to make fun of my nephews.

Michael Taylor said...

Good. I thought this blog was abandoned like a red headed burro stepchild by the side of the road; forever reliable and faithful...but not very sexy or lucrative.

Anonymous said...

What is this Facebook thing of which you speak?

EL CHAVO! said...

Crazy Rita is right. But I still keep you on my feed cuz your stuff is primo. Can you at least send us links to your main gig, por fas?

Burro Hall said...

Awww, you're too kind. (And I see your output is about as prodigious as mine!) My specific division at The Man, Inc., is here. It's a slightly different tone than the usual Burro Hall fare, so you can see why it's hard to toggle between the two.